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Saturday, 14 June 2014

Top 5 Longest Submarine Cables and their Maps

Submarine Cable are all over world. Here we are basically talking about first kind of submarine cable i.e. Submarine Communication Cable. These cable are main source of internet data transfer which laid under sea or ocean water. These cable helps to transfer data from one point of land which are normally continents or countries to other point of land. Huge numbers of submarine cable are laid between America and Europe continent. Length of Submarine cable are from highest 39000 KM to  1 KM . Here is the list of top 5 Submarine Communications Cable which carry internet and private data and laid under salt water.

Top 5 Longest Submarine Cable

1. SeaMeWe - 3 (39000 KM)

SeaMeWe-3 is cable which mean South East Asia - Middle East and Western Europe is longest underwater cable. The cable got completed in late 2000. This cable is 39000 KM long and cover almost 70 % of world Map.

Map of SeaMeWe -3

Click on Map to view original Map.
You can get more information about this cable from

More details :

Can be found in - Wiki and here

2. Southern Cross Cable Network (SCCN) (30500 KM)

Southern Cross Cable limited is a Bermuda based cable company  which operate this second most longest under sea cable . This undersea cable is 30500 KM long and cover so many locations in Australia, United States , Fiji and New Zealand .

Owners : Telecom New Zealand, SingTel Optus, Verizon.

Map of Southern Cross Cable

More information about this cable can be found in following links  :
Official SCCN website : Click Here
Wikipedia for SCCN   : Click Here
Submarine Cable Map : Click Here

3. China - US Cable Network (CHUS) (30476 KM)

With 30476 KM of length CHUS is third longest undersea cable network in world. Laid under sea water cable between China and USA this cable is providing service to major countries like United States, China, Japan, and Taiwan.
This cable also established in year 2000 by its owners   AT&T, KDDI, China Telecom,  KT, NTT, Level 3, SingTel, PCCW, Sprint, Telekom Malaysia, Telecom New Zealand,Tata Communications,Chunghwa Telecom,  LG Uplus,Telstra,  Rostelecom, SingTel Optus, Orange,Softbank Telecom, Verizon.

Map of CHUS

Wikipedia for CHUS                    : Click Here
Submarine Cable Map of CHUS  : Click Here

4. FLAG Europe-Asia (28000 KM)

With 28000 KM in length and covering maximum part of Asia and Europe is fourth longest Cable. Connecting important places of Egypt, Jordan, Spain , United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia , Korea , Rep. Lantau Island, Japan, Mumbai, Italy , Malaysia , United Kingdom, Thailand and China. Owned by Global Cloud Xchange this cable start working from 1997.

Map of FLAG Europe Asia Submarine Cable (FEA)

5. South America -1 (25000 KM)

Telefonica constructed this 25000 KM long undersea cable which is fifth largest submarine cable in this world and cover all coastal countries of south america. Countries which are served by this cable are  
Chile , Colombia, United States , Brazil , Argentina , Peru, Guatemala  and Ecuador.

Map of South America -1 

So this is list of top five longest underwater submarine cable. Hope you like this article and this article helps you. Please don't forgot to share your views with us by commenting below. 


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